O/Cloud Updates

June 30 2024

New sharing options in O/Cloud

It is now possible to share items in O/cloud .

You can share:

  • Files

  • Side by side views

  • Presentation Boards

  • Images

  • Folders



See all the details: Sharing in O/Cloud


Improved Side by Side View functionality

It is now also possible to start Side by Side View by:

  • Selecting files inside a folder

  • Selecting files from search results.

  1. Multii select up to six GLB files, using Shift or Ctrl

  2. Right Click one of the selected files and click Open Side-by-Side:

See all the details: Starting Side by Side View from files selection


Improved UI/UX for Copy To and Move functions

The improvements streamline the navigation and actions of Copy To and Move, for O/Cloud Items:


Added option to download only active file in side by side view

You can now download only the selected file, if needed, from Side by Side View

Of course you can also download all files together, as before.




April 7 2024

New display and sorting in O/Cloud:

New functions added at the top right of the O/Cloud page.

Switch between Thumbnails or Details view and sort by:

Details view Shows each item in one row which includes much more information and a smaller thumbnail:


Sort By Adds an option to sort items by several different criteria:

Sorting Options:

  • Name: sort by item name

  • Type: sort by item Type

  • Created: sort by item creation date.

  • By: sort by user name


  • Sorting is kept for both Thumbnail and Details views

  • Folders are sorted equally to other items


 See also:O/Cloud Release Notes



January 18 2024

New search functionality now available in O/Cloud


  • You can search for a file name or a folder name.

  • Your search will be applied across the entire organization depending on your permissions.

  • The search phrase must include at least two characters

For more details see: Searching in O/Cloud


January 4 2024

New and improved in this release.

3D mouse navigation for GLB files is now similar to the PDS application

3D navigation for PDS files in O/Cloud however remains as it was.


Improved UI/UX for side-by-side view files selection

  • Easier file selection and folder navigation.

  • Easily add or remove files from different folders

All the details can be found here: side-by-side view


New: Change the lighting environment when viewing GLB files

You can now select and change the lighting environment for the GLB viewer:

All the details can be found here: Setting Lighting Environment for the GLB viewer


New: Rotate the lighting environment when viewing GLB files

You can use this new option to rotate the Lighting environment over the model:

For more details see:Adjusting Lighting settings for GLB files


New Option to hide the avatar within the GLB viewer

You can now hide or show the avatar also when viewing GLB files.

This was previously possible only within the PDS viewer.

From the display icons, on the right, Click the Hide/Show avatar Icon.

Note: This is only valid if the file includes the avatar If the file does not contain an avatar, this icon has no effect.


Collapse or expand individual file's details in GLB side by side view


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