3D Design for Illustrator Updates

Check out the new features and enhancements that were introduced in the latest version of 3D Design for Illustrator.

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Version 4.2

Released June 2024.

Added support for Adobe Illustrator version 28 (2024).

Added support for Mac OS 14 (Sonoma).



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Version 4.1

Added support for MAC - M1 processor


Added support for Adobe Illustrator version 27 (2023)


Added support for Mac OS 13 (Ventura)


Export 3D in gLTF/GLB formats with rich material information

Allows you exporting 3D style to gLTF/GLB formats with the embedded materials defined in 3DDI


Direct colorways upload - Snapshot images, 360˚  view, and glTF/GLB to O/Cloud​

Allows batch generation and upload of gLTF/GLB files as well as supplementary images to O/Cloud directly from the 3DDI environment


Version 3.3.235

Export gLTF/GLB formats

Export 3D style to gLTF/GLB formats, easily shared and viewed by gLTF/GLB viewers.


Creation of 360° images

Generate a series of 360° images for 3D style.

Implemented Silent installation & Remote deployment

More flexible and manageable deployment process.


Support MacOS 12 (Monterey)

Install and run 3D the Design for Illustrator plug-in on MacOS Monterey.


Support Adobe Illustrator 2022

Install and run the 3D Design for Illustrator plug-in in Adobe Illustrator 2022.


New Materials in the 3DDI library

13 new high-quality JML materials and new knit materials added to the 3DDI material library.


Version 3.2.155:

Improved Support for trims consisting of multiple meshes

Allows you to apply color and material to each of the trims's meshes separately


Version 3.2.151:

Support for asymmetrical designs and one-sided logos

Allows you to apply different graphics design for commonly used pair pieces such as sleeves or pant legs


Splitting stitches and trims

Allows you to apply colors and materials to stitches and trims separately.


Support Mac Mouse and Trackpad



Version 3.1:

Support MacOS Big Sur

Allows you to install and run 3D the Design for Illustrator Plug-in on the MacOS Big Sur.


Support Adobe Illustrator 2021

Allows you to install and run the 3D Design for Illustrator Plug-in within the Adobe Illustrator 2021.


Simplified export of blocks from PDS to 3DDI

Reduces manual work of hiding unnecessary layers in 3D Design for Illustrator.



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