PDS-2D Updates


New in Version O/24.0


New ASTM/AAMA export symmetry option

Normally, pieces withHalf Symmetry with notches or other elements, which are not reflected on the other half, should be exported so that the a-symentrical elements are kept.

In previous versions, you had to cancel the symmetry to keep non reflected elements correctly in the output.

This new option allows you to keep the symmetry while controlling the export of Half Symmetry Pieces.

This is done in the export Setup:

The Check-box Keep Symmetry (AAMA, ASTM, and Leather AAMA) is used as follows:

  • To keep non reflected elements, un-check this option. this will perform Open Half during the export, keeping the non reflected elements as they were.

  • Keep this Check box selected, if you want to keep the Half Symmetry. This will result in a symmetric piece with the notches and other elements reflected on the other Half.

 See also: Half Symmetry Export Options


New functionality: Exclude buttons in sizes

Starting in version 24.0, buttons can be excluded in sizes.. This is done in the Button's properties.

You can select for each button, in which sizes it will be available and in which sizes not.

This way, you can adjust the number of buttons in the smaller / bigger sizes, as needed.


  • This is also reflected in 3D.

  • When you switch to a size where a button is excluded, the button is indicated with a smaller icon, so you can still see its location in 2D.

For more information see: Buttons appearance in Sizes


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