PDS-3D Updates


Check out the new features and enhancements in our latest version: O/24.0

Upload all colorways to O/Cloud as GLB files

Starting in version O/24.0, all colorways (articles) are added next to the PDS file uploaded to O/Cloud

This is done by uploading a PDS file to O/cloud, using O/Cloud link.

The process will automatically add GLB files of all available colorways (Articles).


Improved FBX export for creating animations in other applications

The new FBX, welded export format has been added for whoever is interested to bring their Optitex simulated garments into Unreal, DAZ, Maya or other 3rd party packages and further animate the garments there. This export welds pieces along the stitch lines preventing garments from falling apart during external animation.

Note: This export outputs just bare cloth, without trims and materials. They should be assigned in external animation App.


Enhanced color matching between PDS and Photoshop


Improved GPU Simulation and its UI/UX

Note: The new GPU simulation operates differently than the CPU simulation and requires different handling of pieces.

Once the new version is installed, before starting to work with the simulation, please contact our Customer Success team , to obtain the necessary training and ensure optimal control of the process.


  • Version O/24 brings major improvements to the GPU simulation engine, extending the range of compatible garments and bags

  • Better prevention of layer-to-layer collisions, allowing simulation of multiple layers, folds, lapels, and collars

  • More realistic simulation of fabric drape

  • Better handling of friction and fabric-to-body collisions, allowing realism of straps and improved simulation of stretchy fabrics

  • Ability to view and change position of buttons

  • New UI icons for key simulation features

  • Fit-related viewing options: unique color, mesh view, illustrative (sketch-like) rendering, semi-transparent

  • Bigger choice of lighting environments

  • General improvements to performance and stability of the simulation


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