Optitex Viewer

The Optitex Viewer is a standalone utility that allows you to view PDS and MRK files without the need for an Optitex license. With the Optitex Viewer you can view all pieces in the file one at a time, view piece properties, including names, points, stitches, fill color, etc. as well as print, plot, and arrange for plot.

The viewer consist of two splitter windows that “remember” the sizes and positions in all parent applications.

PDS file opened with Optitex Viewer

MRK file opened with Optitex Viewer.

How it works embedded in PDS

  1. Click File > Merge Style File

  2. The Merge File dialog appears.

  3. Choose one ore more pieces and click Apply. The merge mechanism should then run.

  4. The viewer has ability to drag and drop one or more pieces from the preview window, or from the list of pieces to run the merge.

How it works embedded in PDS

How it works in Windows shell

  1. Click RBM on the PDS file. “Open with Optitex Viewer” appears.

  2. Click it to run the Viewer.

How it works in Windows shell

Current capabilities:


Optitex Viewer Menu Features

You can use the Tolerance Check Tool to verify if a cut piece's size is within a certain tolerance.

Additional options within Validation Mode let you validate cut pieces against piece geometry displayed in real scale on a 4k screen.