Using the Model Properties Dialog

This dialog allows you to modify body measurements, by entering in an exact measure, or by using a slider to offset the current measure.

To use the Model Properties tool:

  1. From the 3D toolbar, click the Model Properties icon.

    Note: This dialog is dynamic according to the avatar you have selected, therefore some avatars may have more options than others.

  1. The Main panel allows you to modify basic measurements.

    Important: Use the other tools for body shape and posture, and to change the weight balance. After the Basic morphs have been entered, proceed to the other categories to enter remaining measures. You may go back and adjust the shape/measure several times until you have achieved the perfect model.

  1. Use Lengths to enter in all length measurements.

    Note: Center Front to Waist and Center Back to Waist are in the Basics category and should be entered in last.

  1. Use Circumferences to enter in all the circumference measurements.

    Note: Only use Bust for reshaping the bust area, specifically designed for undergarments and lingerie clothing.

  1. Use Pose to change the model position, including arms, legs, and fashion poses.

  1. Use Face to change the face structure and expressions (skin tone is available upon request).

  1. Use Props to change Footwear, Socks, Hair, add Shoulder Pads, Environment, Accessories, and Misc.