Using Button Shapes

You can use Button Shapes when you want to make your pattern look more realistic by adding different shapes such as buttons, bows, clasps, zipper heads, zipper pullers, etc. to your pattern.

You can load the samples that are installed with PDS, or you can load your own files.

To use a button shape:

  1. Create your piece.

  2. From the 2D toolbar click   to create a button.

  3. Add a stitch on the entire button.

  4. In the 3D Window, click Stitch Mode and then select your stitch.

  5. In the Button Stitch 3D Properties dialog, click the Browse button (next to Load Button Shape), to load a button shape from your directory.

    The Open dialog appears:

    Note: You can change the view option to the large icons in order to see a preview of the selected shape.

  6. Select the desired shape and click Open.
    Once a file is loaded, it appears in the Button Shape drop-down list.

    1. Once you load another shape, the new loaded shape automatically replaces the previous one, but previously loaded shapes remain in the list.

    2. If you want to deselect the button shape, you can select None from the drop-down list. (Once None is selected, all adjustments applied to the button shape will be removed)

    3. The drop-down list contains all button shapes that were either loaded in the current session or saved within the PDS file.

  7. In the Button Stitch 3D Properties dialog, click the Save button (next to Save Button Shape), to save the embedded button shape to the desired directory.

    The Save as dialog appears:

  8. Select the desired directory and click Save.
    Note: You can save the embedded Button Shape to the local directory which is assigned to the selected button stitch.

  9. The following properties can be defined for button shapes:





Allows you to rotate the button shape on the surface.


Allows you to define if the rigid part requires symmetry. The following options are available:

Both Sides: Implies that both sides are symmetric.

Left Only: Implies that only the left side is symmetric.

Right Only: Implies that only the right side is symmetric.

Note: Symmetry only works with pairs or half pieces.


Defines the distance between the 3D element and the cloth.

Here is an example of a button shape offset at 0 cm:

Here is an example of a button shape offset at 1 cm:

Advanced Options


Note: You can use the Transform tool in the 3D window to move the shape manually.

Moving/Rotating a Button Shape

If you want to move the rigid part in the 3D window, you can use one of the Transform tools. For example, to move a button shape.

  1. From the 3D Move tools, select 3D Move Piece.

  2. Press Ctrl and then left click with your mouse to select the button shape.

  3. While standing on the arrows, use your mouse to move to the required location.