Simulating Your Pattern Across All Sizes

You can easily simulate and manage your pattern in different sizes on all sized avatars and final poses in one place. This allows you to see how your pattern looks on all sizes, so you can evaluate fit, positioning, etc. To make things easier for you, there is an automatic cross size matching algorithm that recognizes the pattern size names and avatar size names, and if there is a match, all combinations are displayed for you automatically, or if you prefer to manually match each pattern size to its appropriate avatar size, you can do so as well. All simulated patterns will be saved in one PDS file, which provides an easy way to later review and manage your final simulation results.

Prerequisites for the automatic process flow (which assume manual operation) are:

1. The avatar should contain a standard skeleton.

2. A sized avatar.

3. A graded pattern.

4. Identical avatar and pattern size names.

5. Positioning the pattern base on the compatible avatar size.

Note: If you want to use automatic simulation, your pattern size names and avatar size names must be identical, otherwise you will have to manually match sizes.

The process for cross size simulation is dynamic according to how your files are set up. Click on the process that best suits you from the options below.

To use full automation (automatically create final draped results for pattern sizes), click here.

To manually match between pattern sizes and avatar sizes, click here.

If you want to simulate size by size manually, click here.