Piece 3D Properties

Can be used when you want to change the size, location of the piece, physical attributes of fabric, etc. in order to affect the 3D simulation.

The 3D Properties are divided into the following categories.



Display and Lock



Note: Starting from version O/19, if the avatar contains a skeleton, the initial positioning of the pieces in 3D will depend on the location and avatar skeleton. This means that if for example you assign a front location and your avatar is taller, the piece will adjust itself according to the skeleton's height and vice versa.


Fabric Parameters

Shader Attributes (If your piece was assigned to a shader, you can define the following attributes on the shader itself).

Note: You can also do the same thing using the Move Texture tool.

Note: Starting from version O/18, you can edit the shader attributes of paired/symmetrical pieces.

Shader Attributes Symmetry (If your piece was assigned to a shader and is a paired piece, the following attributes can also be defined when you want to move the texture for one side of the paired piece, not for both).

Note: You can also do the same thing using the Move Texture tool, and the attributes are automatically updated accordingly.