Modifying the Lighting via Lighting Editor

You can change the lighting presets that are used for rendering via the Lighting Editor. This allows you to change the lighting that is used to produce different effects. The lighting presets change according to the type of rendering you are using. For example, if you turn on Photorealistic 3D, the presets will be different.

Note: If you save the PDS file, the lighting information will be saved with the file, so you won't have to redefine after you open the file.

To modify the lighting presets:

  1. In the 3D window, in the Render toolbar, click .

    The Lighting Editor dialog appears:

    If you are in open GL mode, the dialog appears as follows:

  1. In the Lighting List area, select the type of lighting you need:

    Note: You can see a preview of changes to the lighting in the Preview window, as well as in the 3D window, before you apply the final changes.




  2. The following lighting environmental parameters are available in the Lighting Editor dialog, if you are using Photorealistic PR3D:

  3. Click Ok when you are done.