Custom View

You can use the Custom View option when you want to save different views of your 3D sample, so you can get the same view (zoom, rotation, etc.) each time. You can share custom views by exporting them to a CAM file, which can then be shared with other users via import.

Icon & Location

To use Custom View:

  1. Open a 3D model.

  2. With your mouse move the 3D model until you reach the desired position.

  3. From the 3D toolbar, select the Custom View option from the menu:

    If custom views were already defined, the drop-down list will contain all the views.

  4. Click Create View.

    A new row is added to the table. By default all custom views appear with the name: View 1, View 2, etc.

  5. To change a name, double-click on the name until an editing tool box appears.

  6. Enter the name you require and then click Enter.

  7. Create as many custom views as you would like.

  8. If you want to export all the custom views, click Export. Select the location and name for where to save the file, in order to share it with other users.

  9. If you want to import custom views from another user, click Import. All custom views that were saved in the file appear in the dialog.

  10. To delete a custom view, roll your mouse over the row with the defined custom view. Click Delete. The row (custom view) is deleted.