Creating a Custom Preset

You can create a custom preset when you want to save the components and attributes you defined so you can use them later on. All presets appear in the main dialog.

If you want to only create a preset for future use, go to View > Menus > Seam & Stitch Manager. Here, apply the preset to stitches, if required, later. If you haven't selected any stitches, the Preview appears without Piece Names. You can use the Preview to see the location of the components on the pieces (in the image below you can see how the offset will be applied to piece A and piece B).

The process below explains how to create a preset while you are stitching.

To create a custom preset:

1.      Start sewing your pieces.

2.      Press Ctrl then right click with your mouse and select Seam & Stitch Manager: (if the select stitch tool is activated, select the stitch and then right click with your mouse)

The Seam & Stitch Manager dialog appears:

3.      Click Create New:

You can expand/collapse the preview using the / buttons.

The preview area is dynamic according to the attributes you define. Each time you make a change, the preview automatically updates. To help you visualize the location of the components on piece A/B according to the seam. When you select a stitch that is connected to two pieces, the piece name of each piece will be automatically assigned to A/B; allowing you to place the components in the location you want according to the seam.

4.      To add a component and define attributes, click the icon next to the required component.

5.      To view more information about defining different components, click on a section to expand.

Defining the Seam Type

Adding Operations

Adding Stitches

Adding Trims

Adding Accessories

6.      Click Save to save the preset.

Note: If you have not applied or saved the components and attributes and then you select another stitch, the components and attributes will not be saved and the main dialog will reappear. Make sure to apply the settings to the required stitch, to avoid losing the information.

7.      To apply the preset to the selected stitch, click Apply.

The new preset appears in the main dialog under the Custom area as follows:

Starting from version O/17 SP1, once you apply a preset to the stitch, the stitch name appears as the preset name in the Stitches dialog.

Stitch without preset

Stitch with preset

8.      Click the X on the upper right hand side of the dialog to close the dialog when done.