Alvanon Avatars

Starting from version O/19, we support encrypted Alvanon avatars (Virtual AlvaForms) in our Optitex content-creation products (AvatarEditor, PDS). You can purchase Alvanon avatars created specifically for use in Optitex on Alvanon’s portal: https://abp.alvanon.comThere is a tutorial there: (, and also an FAQ session: (

You will need to purchase the avatar and license for your organization. When buying the Alvanon license, you must add your Optitex product key; otherwise you will not be able to load the file in Optitex.

Alvanon avatars created for use in Optitex products have the extension .avao  You can load these files in AvatarEditor, PDS, RunwayViewer and Revu applications. In AvatarEditor you can draw mating lines and save them back as an avao format file. AVAO files cannot be saved in any other format. In PDS you can work with avao avatars in exactly the same way you do with mod avatars (define mating rules, simulate cloth on, perform flattening, etc). The only difference is that you can save a 3D scene only as avao and not as any other format.

Together with the avatar you must have an Alvanon Permission File (extention .apf) downloaded from the Alvanon portal and saved on your computer to open AVAO files. 

All users who want to load AVAO files must have the APF file on their computer as well; therefore it is recommended you save the APF file in a shared location. If not, you will have to copy the APF file on each computer where PDS is installed.

You have two options for saving the APF file in order for our applications to find it.  Start by locating your user profile directory. For Public Optitex installation it is C:\Users\Public\Optitex\Optitex21\

For User-specific Optitex installation it is C:\Users\user-name\AppData\Local\Optitex\Optitex21\

Next, do either of the following:

  1. Save the downloaded APF file in your user profile directory and name it: AlvanonOptitex.apf.

  2. Save it in any other location and create a TXT file AlvanonConfig.txt in your user profile directory. This TXT file should have a path to your APF file.

If there are any issues with your APF file; i.e., an invalid permissions or expired license, you will be able to load the avatar; however it will appear in view mode only. If there are any issues with your license, contact Alvanon support at


Note that RunwayViewer and Revu are view-only applications, and do not require an apf file and dongle license to load avao files.


Alvanon avatars in Avatar Editor:

User could use Avatar Editor application to add mating lines to Alvanon avatars. User cannot add tags to meshes or poses, change textures or alter the original avatar data in any way. These changes will not be save as per our agreement with Alvanon, their avatar data remains intact.