Creating a Basic Seam

You can create a basic seam when you want to add a simple seam on all the selected pieces. First, a Basic seam is added to all the pieces. Next, if required, each piece is given the correct seam allowance and seam type on special corners. 

Note: You can enter a negative value. This is usually used when a style was digitized on the Cut line.

To create a basic seam:

  1. Open up your pattern.

  2. Select a piece or multiple pieces.

  3. In the toolbox, expand Seams.

  4. Select Basic Seam.

    The Set Basic Seam Line dialog appears:

  5. In the Seam Width field, enter the seam width. You can enter a negative value if required.

  6. In the Pieces area, select one of the radio buttons:

  7. Click Ok when you are done.

    In this example, the front piece has a 3cm seam:

    In this example, the front piece has a negative seam (notice the seam appears inside).

    Note: It is not recommended to work with negative seams as this affects the auto reseam function.

  8. To make the seam appear inside, go to Tools > Seams > Switch Pieces to Sew. This ensures that the pieces work on the sew line.

  9. To remove the seam, select Remove Seam, or press Shift +S.