Print & Cut

Print & Cut enables you to print pieces on a blank roll and then cut printed pieces, rather than print an entire roll and then cut piece geometry. It's optimal for small and mixed orders, and enables print-on-demand of custom graphics or logos.


Print & Cut provides the following features/options:

Print & Cut Workflow

Print & Cut works in conjunction with PDS, Marker, Adobe Illustrator, and fabric printers/cutters.

The following diagram and steps detail the workflow:

The typical flow of the Print & Cut process is as follows:

  1. Make the pattern using PDS.

  2. Prepare your graphics for printing, using Adobe Illustrator.

  3. Create a marker with Optitex Marker, and generate Print & Cut output files.

  4. Print the fabric with a digital fabric printer.

  5. Cut the product pieces with a single ply cutter.

See the following topics for how to perform the steps:

Step 1

Prepare Your PDS File

Step 2

Apply Graphics to Pieces Using Adobe Illustrator

Step 3

Create a Marker File

Step 4

Create Print & Cut Files