Fit Garment Analysis

The Fit Garment Analysis tool is accessible through the 3D Tool menu in the 3D window, providing greater fit insight for pattern makers. 

Using the Fit Garment Analysis tool, you can identify different fit issues during the development process; for example, pieces deformation and overstretching (measured by FTU). You can also correct the pattern according to the Fit Analysis result.

Note the following:

Everything above the deformation threshold is overstretched and is clearly marked in orange-red on the garment. The stretch map also indicates how the pattern needs to be changed in order to relieve the stretch. Under the bar we show the 2D length along the warp/weft line on this piece, and the 3D length along this line on a simulated garment. If overstretch is detected, its size is defined below. This is a suggested 2D pattern correction. Below is an example of a correctly fit pattern: with the same size avatar and pattern.

Stretch Weft (Y): Provides the stretch and the overstretch data of the simulated garment in the Y direction perpendicular to the 2D baseline direction of each piece.


Stretch Warp (X): Provides the stretch and the overstretch data of the simulated garment in the X direction identical to the 2D baseline direction of each piece. 

          The following is an example of an overstretched pattern: a small sized pattern on a medium sized avatar. Note the red areas and 2D-3D differences under the bar, as well as the suggested overstitch amount.


DiThe distance map defines the distance between the simulated garment and the closest avatar points.