Optitex Supported Operating Systems

The following table lists the various operating systems Optitex supports according to the Optitex version:


Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows Server 2003

Version 0/21-24

Version 0/19

Version O/18

Version O/17

Version O/15.6

Version O/15.5

Version O/15.3

Version O/15

Version 12.3



  • We recommend to activate and test your network key on a non-server station before hosting the key on a Windows Server environment.

  • If you do not have Windows Installer 3.0 or later installed you may get an 'Error 1723' message during the installation, in which case it is recommended to install Windows Installer 3.1

 See also: Optitex System Requirements