Preferences (Main - Build, Trace, Map Zone, Fold In/Out)

Use the Preferences menu to control the settings for the build, trace, build map and trace map tools.



Create Pieces without internals in 'Build and 'Trace'

Internals from The overlapping contours in 'Build' and 'Trace'

When Using The 'Build' And 'Trace' Tools, Create any overlapping contours as internals when building pieces.

Add Internal Darts In 'Cut', 'Build' And 'Trace' Piece

Adds darts with their top inside the building piece and border points outside of it.

Note: that if, after the original piece creations, a modification is made to the dart information: it is required to re-create the pieces from the map zone to keep the proper geometry.


Use map piece zones

If selected, displays the Piece Zone when creating map zones. 
Piece Zones are used to manage all of your map zones.

If cleared, displays the Quality Zone window when creating map zones. 
Quality Zones are used to manage leather quality only. See Quality Zones.

Automatically correct the Map's pieces.

Automatically changes pieces created from the Map when any changes are made to the geometry, grading, or notches of the 'Map zone'.

Set Connection Internals with the Zone

If selected, copies the internals for a newly created piece.

Maintain the base line direction after 'Correct piece by map zone'

Using long complex contours in Build Piece

If selected, creates temporary contours from two or more internal contours according to the maximum length as defined in the Build Piece and Build Piece Zones tools.